With summer approaching, many of us are looking forward to spending time outdoors with our families and pets. However, this year we have a larger population of pests in our yards to deal with. Because of that, it’s very important to understand how to treat your lawn for ticks and other pests so you can protect your family, pets, and landscaping

Ticks Hiding in Grass

Why are there more pests in my yard this year?

For many of the critters making a home of our yard, the life cycle consists of being born in early spring to dying or lying dormant in the cold winters we’re accustomed to in Bucks County. For instance, ticks do not hibernate or lay dormant in the winter if the temperature is above freezing. The mild winter we had this past year in Bucks County allowed more time for pests like ticks to breed meaning we can expect a much higher population of them this year.


Why should I be worried about pests in my yard?

Many pests lurking in your yard can lead to much bigger problems. Ticks can carry many diseases that can be transmitted to both you and your pets. These include diseases such as Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Flea infestations end up in your drapery, carpets, furniture, and more importantly in your pets. More severe cases of flea infestation can cause anemia or even death in some cases.


How to treat your lawn for ticks and other pests

The best strategy is to be proactive, treating your yard early on and maintaining your yard regularly.

Regular Lawn Maintenance

Having tall grass helps hide ticks and fleas, allowing them an ideal environment to breed. It’s important to cut your yard to the proper length, cutting it too low will discourage the habitation of ants and spiders which feed on ticks and fleas.


Using a pesticide is your first line of defense against pests. It’s important to make sure that the pesticide is pet-friendly and causes minimum damage to your lawn.

Minimize Debris and Ornaments

Having debris like piles of bricks, wood, or stones allows ticks and other pests to seek refuge in. Even simple items like flowerpots or lawn ornaments in the areas where your family or pets frequents increases the chances of tick infestation.

Hire a Professional

The specific pests and how to get rid of them varies from place to place. A local lawn care expert will understand what to expect for the coming year as well as how to protect your yard and family from pests.

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