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Yellow nutsedge, aka “nutgrass” (Cyperus esculentus) is a nasty weed found in lawn and garden areas. It is a sedge, and not a grass, and methods of eliminating it vary. Yellow nutsedge is easily identified by its yellow to light green glossy leaves and the triangular shape of the stem. It grows most actively during the warm spring and summer months. Yellow nutsedge thrives under warm, wet conditions and can often be found in low, damp areas of lawns. This weed will often peak during or after seasons with above normal amounts of rainfall.

Yellow nutsedge is often mistaken for crabgrass. However, the growth and control and treatment of yellow nutsedge is very different from crabgrass. Unlike crabgrass, there is no pre-emergent product available to help minimize the population of this plant.

Control Yellow Nutsedge in Your Lawn

What can be done for control:

Either you wait until late September when the nutsedge will die off on its own, or we can treat it for you with a product designed specifically for this issue. The product necessary for safe, effective control is called “Halosulfuron” and is sold under several brand names.

Please call our office at PA:+1-215-364-7000 or NJ:+1-609-362-2612 to discuss the proper action required.

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