Spring is just around the corner, which means warmer temperatures and the beginning of the growing season will be upon us. After a long and dark winter it will be refreshing to see the first flowers of spring begin to rise through the ground. We might see the likes of colorful tulips and wallflowers, or hydrangeas and primroses which all might help lift our spirits as we begin to spend more time outside in the spring weather. However, April showers will bring a lot more than just flowers and plants. Along with it we will see the likes of one of the most notorious and invasive lawn weeds: dandelions. These yellow growing weeds can seemingly begin to sprout out of nowhere, and in large quantities. While it can seem tricky to manage dandelion growth in your yard, understanding when and how they grow can help you better prepare and even prevent dandelion growth altogether.

What Exactly Are Dandelions?

Dandelions are a broad-leaf perennial weed that begins growing in early spring. They can grow in almost any type of soil, and have the ability to grow rapidly in areas with a lot of sunlight. This allows dandelions the ability to grow in almost any type of lawn, making them one of the most common lawn weeds that homeowners will often have to deal with. Dandelions grow into yellow looking flowers, which might be appealing to some, but for the majority of people it is an unwanted eyesore. Even worse, when dandelions mature they turn from a yellow flower to a white fuzzy mess, and the seeds of the dandelions can be blown easily by the wind causing them to spread around your lawn. They may seem to actually die out in the fall, the taproots of the dandelions stay intact deep under the soil and begin to sprout once again the following spring.

Dandelion Maintenance 

With the proper care and attention, dandelion growth can be easily treated or prevented. Mowing your lawn at a higher clip can actually choke out the dandelions by preventing them from getting the proper sunlight and nutrients that they need to grow. The most effective way in preventing dandelion growth entirely is by completely removing the taproot. Before winter arrives, spraying your lawn with a preventative herbicide can fully eliminate the taproots of the dandelions and keep them from growing again the following spring. If you haven't taken preventative measures, dandelions can still be easily treated as they begin to grow. Instead of hand-pulling every dandelion you can seek the help of a professional lawn care service to come and spray them with a specific weed killing herbicide. Blue Grass Lawn Service specializes in dandelion lawn care that will effectively remove dandelions while still maintaining the health of your lawn.

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Featured Image: "Dandelions," by George Hodan, licensed under CC0 1.0