The pricing and overall cost of lawn care services is an important consideration for many homeowners. The cost of a reliable lawn service company can vary a lot, depending on the needs of the customer. The size of your lawn/ yard, the type of grass you have, and the type of services you need all play a factor in determining the total cost of lawn care. While we find our pricing to be more affordable than most other lawn care companies, we are not looking to provide the cheapest lawn care possible. As with most things, the cost of an item is often different from the value of that item. After all, what is a better deal: paying 50% less for a service but getting nothing for it, or paying a fair price and being fully satisfied with the outcome?

How We Compare to Other Lawn Care Companies

Generally speaking, there are three types of lawn care companies:

  1. The landscapers- Typically don’t specialize in all forms of lawn care services. Instead they can provide you with related treatment services as an additional service to their core mowing business. Service is commonly sketchy as the majority of lawn treatments occur during the height of the mowing and landscaping season making the lawn treatments “secondary” with treatments either being applied late or not at all.
  2. The national chain companies- Often feel like more of a telemarketing company than a lawn care company. Constantly calling to sell you extra services that are not needed is very common with these larger outfits as the primary goal is to drive corporate profit. In addition, often a different lawn tech will do treatments on your property defeating the benefit of the same guy being responsible and familiar with your property.
  3. Blue Grass Lawn Service-  We have specialized exclusively in treatments to lawns and landscapes since 1985 and are family owned and operated. Managed by the owner daily with over 45 years experience, all of your questions and/or lawn issues would be addressed directly by the owner. The majority of our employees have been with our company for over 10 years and have all the necessary skills to diagnose any issues that arise and can make recommendations to help get your lawn to the level you expect. We do not do any telemarketing. We will however leave recommendations following any treatments we provide.

Providing a fair price for our services will ensure that the customer will get value included. This is why the vast majority of our clients will remain our loyal customers for years. If you are searching for a lawn care company to service your property in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, we encourage you to reach out to us. We will consult with you to develop a personalized plan so that your lawn remains healthy and looking its best throughout the entire year.

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