What is it that you’re hoping to accomplish in landscaping your property line? Once you answer that over-arching question, many of the details will fall into place (with a little aid from the ideas we present here). As you’ll see from reading the information below, deciding on how to landscape a boundary largely comes down to sifting through your various options.

Perhaps the most common goal people have in landscaping property lines is creating privacy. But based on your other aspirations, you’ll have to decide whether a privacy fence is right for you, as opposed to a border planting (some opt for both). Either way, we also have to figure maintenance into the equation (neither all plants nor all fences are created equal in this regard). Another consideration you may wish to factor in is security. While plants hold the promise of a beauty that hardscape cannot hope to offer, nothing beats the proper kind of fencing for security and privacy.

The first thing you want to determine is “why.” Do you want privacy? Security? A windbreak? Or, just something that looks good as a landscape element? All are great reasons to landscape your property lines and they aren’t necessarily mutually-exclusive.

Steps to Take Before Landscaping the Edge of Your Property

Before you start a project like this along your property line, ensure that you know exactly where the boundary lines are. If you are unsure where these lines are, you should hire a surveyor in order to get the correct measurements. While you are doing this research you might want to consider taking it a step further and research the possibility of any easements. You’ll want to make sure that whatever you construct or install is in fact on your property and within any required setback distances; otherwise, you may end up having to remove it.