Ground Ivy Wild Strawberry Wild Violet

These can be considered some of the most difficult-to-control weeds in a lawn. They can drive homeowners crazy with their efforts to rid their lawns of these weeds with little or no success. The key to getting rid of ground ivy and wild violets is knowing the best time to apply control products.

Wild Strawberry

The waxy coating on ground ivy, wild strawberry, and wild violet leaves cause weed control products to quickly run off these leaves after application, with little chemical being taken in by the plants. For this reason, these three aggressive and invasive plants are extremely difficult to control and often will require “specialty” type weed control products to help provide management of these plants.

Ground Ivy

These products are typically very costly to apply. Ground Ivy prefers shady sites but has been found growing in full sun. The plant has square stems and is a member of the mint family. A strange characteristic of ground ivy is that when mowed, it has a strange strong pungent smell. I guess it doesn’t carry the family trait of the pleasant smell of mint.

Wild Violet

Even though they are a nuisance, wild violets can be very pretty. They have beautiful, short-lived flowers that can range in colors from white to blue to purple. With ordinary weed control treatments, little or no control is common. It is for this reason that if you would like to discuss alternative measures to help rid your lawn of this vegetation, then please call our office at PA:+1 (215) 364 7000 or NJ:+1 (609) 362 2612 to discuss the proper action required.