family enjoying bbq outside because of mosquito treatments

Hello Summer, Goodbye Mosquito Bites! Safe, Natural Mosquito Treatment for Lawns

The warm, long days of summer are the perfect time to finally get outside for relaxation, meals, and time with friends and family. You have invested a lot of money and effort getting your outdoor living space ready for the season, and you should enjoy it! But when uninvited guests arrive to buzz and bite, the nuisance is enough to drive everyone back inside.This year, control the mosquitoes before they control you. Blue Grass Lawn Service & Landscaping, Inc. can help you keep your summer space free of these unwelcome bugs. Your family and invited guests will love to hang out in your no-mosquito zone.

Temporary and Partial Mosquito Solutions Can’t Solve the Problem

Every year, homeowners go to great lengths to finally solve their mosquito problem, and every year, they and their families still end up with far too many itchy red bites. Most traditional mosquito solutions are only temporary, or they have very limited effectiveness.

Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are a popular tool for repelling mosquitoes and other bugs, but they aren’t the best fit for every home. Citronella has a strong scent, which can be irritating to many people. If anyone has allergies or sinus problems that are triggered by strong smells, citronella might be enough to keep them away from your backyard. Citronella also only works when the candles are lit, and only in their immediate area. To really control mosquitoes, you would need to keep candles going the whole time you’re outside, and at every location in your outdoor living space. If you like to spread out around the deck, pool, and backyard fire pit, you’ll be going through a lot of candles!

Bug Zappers and Hanging Traps

Bug zappers and hanging traps are also pretty limited. Zappers usually need to be placed near the house where they can be plugged in. Traps get to be a pretty gross sight once the bugs start accumulating in them. Plus, who knows how many bites that mosquito might deliver before it finds its way into the zappers and traps? Because of their limited range and either annoying sound or unpleasant sight, zappers and traps are not the ideal mosquito solution.

Mosquito sprays

Mosquito sprays are one other option, but they are laden with chemicals. Who wants to cover themselves and their kids in sticky, smelly chemicals every time they want to head outside? Sprays may not be good for your skin, and they certainly aren’t great to breathe. If you forget to spray before you head outside, you’re fair game for the bites. And if you’re getting sweaty or spending time in the water, the chemicals will wear off faster than you think. 

All of these solutions are limited at best, and totally ineffective - or even dangerous - at worst. It’s important to keep in mind that none of them actually solve the mosquito problem, either! They might protect a small area or individual people, but they do not rid your outdoor living space of these nasty bugs.

Safe and Natural Mosquito Treatment for Your Entire Outdoor Area

We have been in the business of lawn care for over 40 years. Nothing makes us happier than making sure our customers can fully enjoy their yards, decks, pools, and patios. We know that bugs can ruin summer, especially for people who are extra sensitive to mosquito bites. Just a few minutes outside, and you could be covered in painfully itchy red bumps. But as much as you want those mosquitoes gone, you might be worried if a full yard treatment is safe for your kids to run around barefoot or for your pets to have their faces and paws in the grass. 

Our goal is to not only get rid of your mosquitoes, but to do it in a way that enhances your summer season. That means offering a mosquito treatment that is safe and effective for your family and property. Our mosquito treatments are:

  • 100% natural
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Expertly applied to keep your outdoor space completely mosquito-free
  • Guaranteed

We have over 40 years of expert lawn care knowledge, so we know what is effective and what is safe. Enjoy your outdoor living space all summer long with your family and friends, and without any uninvited guests. Contact us today to achieve beautiful, bug-free landscaping and lawn care for your home in Montgomery and Bucks Counties in Pennsylvania or Mercer and Middlesex counites in New Jersey. We offer $20 off each mosquito treatment!

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